Case Studies

Oaklands Primary School, Yeovil

In December 2015 Oaklands Primary School, Yeovil, achieved the 360 safe accreditation for their online safety provision - watch a short video.

Bentley Federation E-Safety Mark

In June 2015 assessors visited the Federation and they became the first Federation in the country to be awarded the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark.

Ormiston Horizon Academy, Stoke

Ormiston Horizon Academy is the first RM Managed Service School in Stoke to achieve the prestigious E-Safety Mark, awarded by the multi award winning 360 Degree Safe. With ever demanding pressures upon time and resource in schools, Assistant Principal Phil Shufflebotham explains why and how Ormiston Horizon Academy, have prioritised educating its students to use the Internet safely both in and out of school.

Feedback from 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark schools

Feedback from schools that have been assessed for the E-Safety Mark has been very positive - both for the quality and usefulness of the 360 tool itself, and also for the quality of the E-Safety Mark assessment process.

Everton Nursery School and Family Centre

In October 2012 Everton Nursery School and Family Centre, in Liverpool, became the first nursery school to achieve the E-Safety Mark. The case study tells of their journey to the awarding of the E-Safety Mark.

Experience of using the tool and being assessed for the Online Safety Mark

The 360 degree safe self review tool was easy to login to and use. It is best undertaken with a small group of colleagues to facilitate discussion and decision making around the school’s performance for each of the strands. We completed it in one long session but when using it again next year to review progress...

Feedback from Assessors

In their feedback to E-Safety Mark schools, the Assessors were pleased to report on some excellent practice. These were some of the (many) comments made by Assessors in their feedback.