Feedback from 360 degree safe Online Safety Mark schools

Comments from schools: (each paragraph is from a different school)

An excellent process that has clearly helped the school to improve it’s E-Safety Provision. Thank you very much for a smooth and positive experience.

A very supportive and informative process, providing opportunities to reflect on our practices and ensures that students safety is paramount. The online review tool was extremely easy to use and accompanied by useful examples and suggestions to help you work through the different segments. The assessors were both friendly and supportive throughout their time in the school. Thank you.
We found the e-safety mark process a very valuable tool in highlighting key action areas for the school.  There was good dialogue between SWGFL and the school feeding back on progress towards reaching benchmarks.  We found the suggested research documents and sources of evidence particularly useful too. We will use feedback to inform our next action plan and continue to build the profile of e-safety at the school.
A very useful self-evaluation tool and throughout the Digital Guardians were able to identify areas for development and act upon these in a timely manner.   It is useful for all schools to achieve so that there is a clear commitment to creating responsible and respectful ‘digital natives.’ This has promoted the importance of eSafety and identified training requirements for all stakeholders.
The online tool guided us through steps to improve our e-safety provision over the course of 2 years.
A brilliant and thorough process which has supported us in celebrating our current achievements with regards to E-Safety as well as outlining areas for improvements
This tool has been really useful in supporting our audit of esafety provision and giving me a framework to develop it throughout the school. The ongoing support by the LA  gave me real confidence that we were ready for assessment and the feedback from the Assessor  gives me the way forward to continue this development and meet the ever changing challenges of the online world. It was wonderful to hear the children talk with such confidence and pride about their esafety work in school.
This process has enabled the school to properly evaluate its E-Safety provision at every level and has been instrumental in helping the school to improve.
A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process from start to finish.
I felt that the Assessor was very helpful and informative throughout the process.  The online tool was educational and very user friendly.
We are very pleased to have been accredited the 360 E-Safety Mark. The self-review tool allowed us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, giving us a benchmark of where we should be. By splitting E-Safety into strands, it was possible to focus of one area at a time making our progression manageable.  After submitting our evidence, SWGFL gave us feedback on where we stood and how to prepare for the assessment. The assessment allowed us to demonstrate the progress we had made, as well as discuss our approach to the strands. The assessor was very knowledgeable and was able to give us feedback into further ways to develop our e-safety provision.
The process means that we can take advantage of ICT to support and develop our curriculum, confident that we are doing this safely and appropriately.  Procedures now in place ensure that the school community will continue to develop their knowledge and good practice, responding to developments and events as they occur. Advice received from a local school which has recently achieved the E-Safety mark was invaluable.  I would recommend that schools going through the process in future could “buddy-up” with other schools who are working towards the mark and who have achieved
We found the Assessor very helpful. He had sound knowledge on e-safety and was a great help in summarising the strengths of e-safety in our school and how it we can improve e-safety provision. He was very helpful with staff and students. I would definitely recommend SWGFL to other teaching staff. The only thing that could be improved on the online website is that I did not know what was the highest mark band and lowest band for each criteria and it takes a long time to fill in the Audit.
The only issue I had when I first started using the tool was the print reporting process.  It wasn’t clear as to ‘where the file was sent’.  Obviously soon picked this up.  The 360 tool is clear and easy to use and you able to see plainly progression.
No areas required for improvement.  The assessor and the pre assessment visit we received were excellent and a very helpful process.
The Assessor made everyone very comfortable with the process. LA consultants were very supportive in the lead up to the assessment. The price of the badges is very steep!!
The process was time consuming but with a folder of evidence now compiled and points to move on with, it has been worth the process.
Really positive experience.
Very happy with the whole process, including open discussion during the assessment and quality of feedback with which to act upon and make improvements. Some more guidance on the ‘wider community’ aspect on the online tool would be helpful as we were slightly unclear as to what this related to in advance. During the Q&A with students this became more understandable.
All those involved in the day felt that the process was rigorous and led to a clear picture of our strengths and areas for development as a school. Thank you!
The online tool has been a very clear and informative way of judging where our school was and exactly what we needed to do in every area to move forward. Even at accreditation level I know where we need to be going and what to do to achieve this. The accreditation process has been very useful and informative on how we may achieve our next levels and what we can do to improve further. I am delighted that we have achieved the kitemark and will continue to use the tool to make progression within E-safety in the school.
I found this whole process incredibly helpful, the 360 assessment tool ensures that you have everything in place that should be there, ultimately improving the provision you are providing as a school. All of the staff and pupils who were spoken to were very complimentary and equally impressed that the school had achieved the e-safety mark. The parents in particular were thrilled that the school was training their children so well on how to be safe online. Thanks to the Assessors for their useful insights, comments and for identifying our strengths and areas to further develop – we were thrilled
The whole journey from start to finish has been very helpful and useful in enabling us to develop our e-safety provision, not only for the children, but also for parents/carers, governors and school staff.  We will continue to use the online tool to support and further develop our e-safety provision. May I take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved and also to our assessor.
It was clearly a very tough and thorough process, but also very supportive. The 360 tool in particular is excellent for self-evaluation, and providing next steps
The 360 degree safe award is a very worthwhile process that all schools should be encouraged to complete.  It is a lot of work but very beneficial to ensure we are doing our best to keep pupils safe online, both at school and home.
We’re looking to get some coverage from the local media to promote this award to other schools. Our school has worked extremely hard to ensure we’re e-Safe and feel it’s something we should celebrate with the community. Overall, I was delighted at the whole 360 Safe process. Thank you.
The 360 tool is a very thorough tool which enables a school to see exactly where they are and what they need to do to improve. The support from the team was excellent and all in all although it was a lot of hard work to get there I really enjoyed the process. I look forward to continuing to use the tool to help me to maintain this mark and to develop my practice even further. Thank you.
Participating in the 360 degree Safety Mark has been a fantastic experience.  At this school we are fortunate to have a staff and Board of Governors who support and encourage the development of ICT.  The development of e-safety is of vital importance and must go hand in hand with ICT development.  I think that that swgfl should try and reach more primary schools and secondary schools in this area and encourage them to participate in this process. We enjoyed having the Assessors visit our school. They conducted their assessment in a professional manner and made everyone comfortable.  Their feedback was welcomed and we look forward to developing e-safety as per their suggestions while continuing to promote our successful e-safety programme.
We found the whole process very useful. The Assessor  made everyone feel at ease during the assessment, making her expectations clear before she arrived.
We enjoyed the assessment as a way to celebrate what we already do at the school. It was nice to involve all the stakeholders.
The assessment visit was a really useful and helpful process to go through, and gave me really good advice about what we need to do next to keep progressing. Paul was very easy to talk to and made staff, parents and pupils feel comfortable and at ease during discussions. The report was written to give an accurate impression of the school, whilst being constructive.
This was a fantastic process to go through; it helped us to know what to do when and gave us check lists to work through. Although this was a lot of work I felt supported throughout the entire process and now our school has excellent procedures and policies in place.
I did find that some of the statements / assessment criteria were repetitive – I felt at times that I was repeated evidence statements / comments

  Very poor Poor Satis-
Good Very Good
Overall quality of the 360 degree safe  online tool
    6% 13% 81%
Effectiveness of the 360 degree safe  online tool as a means of improving e-safety policy and  provision in a school       10% 90%
Ease of use of the 360 degree safe  online tool
    10% 40% 50%
Quality and clarity of information provided on the 360 degree safe  site about the E-Safety Mark       18% 82%
Quality and clarity of information provided about the assessment process in advance of the school visit       8% 92%
Communication with the assessor in advance of the school visit     2% 2% 96%
Visit schedule template and attached notes
Assessor’s ability to communicate  with / relate to members of staff and other adults       2% 98%
Assessor’s ability to communicate with / relate to  pupils / students         100%
Assessor’s knowledge and understanding of the 360 degree safe  online tool and assessment process         100%
Quality / accuracy of Assessor’s feedback
      2% 98%
Extent to which the Assessors provided opportunities for celebration of the school’s successes in e-safety       8% 92%
Extent to which the Assessor provided useful and relevant information about how the school might improve its e-safety provision.       2% 98%
Overall quality of the E-Safety Mark assessment process       4% 96%