360 degree safe tool is changing, read more about the changes here

15 July 2019

You’re getting a new 360 degree safe tool. Get ready, it’ll be with you later this year. You said that  you wanted some new features to help you save time, work more efficiently and meet your statutory obligations.

Later this year the new-look tool will be launched. You’ll be informed about this change well in advance.

As an existing user, you’re getting a chance to hear first about some of the new changes being introduced:

  • Fewer aspects saving you time
  • Improved graphics helping you visualise your data
  • Better reporting giving you improved insights

These are just some of the improvements you’ll notice later this year. Alongside this you’ll notice a whole series of tweaks to the design to help you navigate around the tool faster and more smoothly than before.

We hope you will enjoy the new tool, don’t worry there’s nothing you need to do right now. The tool will remain free of charge for your use

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